Cofidis Smart 16

Regular price HK$1,300.00

Features: 16 inch is the main model of the children's bicycle family, suitable for children from 100 cm to 130 cm in height. The frame, handlebar, pedal height, seat tube height, etc. are all designed according to this figure of children. This height age may cover children between the ages of 3 and 6 due to individual differences in growth. This age group is a period of rapid growth of children. There will be qualitative changes in height, weight, reaction speed, coordination of limbs, understanding and expression. Therefore, the fitness of this car is very high, and can withstand any movement of children of this age in riding.
AIFEL high-strength aluminum alloy body
Portable safety seat cushion
Super wide non-slip tire
BMX color aluminum alloy stem
Safety auxiliary wheel
Well-designed handlebars