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Ergon GP1 Bioleder Handlebar Grips

Ergon GP1 Bioleder Handlebar Grips

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Application: City & Touring
Clamp: outer
Length: 130 mm

Technical Information:

Material: leather
Clamp Material: aluminium


  • Effective pain prevention for hands and wrists
  • contains only vegetable organic tanning agents
  • natural, open-pored surface with individual natural characteristics
  • innovative, seamless processing
  • produced in collaboration with London-based manufacturer Quoc Pham
  • suitable for those suffering from allergies


Performance Comfort
Ergon grips of the Performance Comfort series provide effective relief for numb fingers, aching hands and forearms - problems that many bikers are familiar with. The causes of these complaints are excessive pressure on particularly sensitive areas of the palm and possible malpositioning of the hand. Thanks to the anatomically optimal shape, Ergon grips provide 100% contact surface compared to conventional round grips, which only provide a contact surface of approx. 60%. Therefore, the pressure is significantly lower, especially in the area of the ulnar nerve, and it is almost impossible for the hands to fall asleep. The anatomical shape of the Ergon GP series further ensures correction of the hand position in all directions of movement. If the grip is correctly adjusted, the hand cannot be misaligned. Overloading of the median nerve (leading to carpal tunnel syndrome) is eliminated and wrist pain is prevented.
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