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Bestrider 20

Bestrider 20

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Bestrider-20 inch-wheel sports children's mountain bike.

Suitable for children aged 6-9 years from 115CM to 130CM.

Features: Super-short rear wheelbase for front and rear wheels quick disassembly (high trampling transmission efficiency change), suitable for the front and rear gear ratio and crank length of this age group (trampling force moment is more suitable for this section of children), mid-tube size, fast disassembly seat tube, front wheelbase and handlebar length (more suitable for this section of children's height and arm length), Shimano M310-8 speed finger-pulling and RD2400 rear-pulling, Yanhao brake matches completely. Oil-filled pipes, stainless steel polished wiring core (to obtain lighter speed change and braking force for children, so that children become faster and brake), front and rear large sandy pattern tires (cross-country riding is more stable), front and rear wheels quick disassembly (car transportation is more convenient), parts specifications of international general purpose (with strong refitting space), the weight of the vehicle is 7.7KG. Bestrider Bet loves to produce, ride Bestrider and be the best self!

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