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Brompton Phone Mount

Brompton Phone Mount

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Set the tone for your ride with a Brompton Quad Lock Phone Mount, expertly designed to mount any Brompton right in the center of your view. Navigate the city with confidence and stay connected hands-free whilst two-wheeling. Just like the Brompton, our Phone Mount is stable and safe, and when partnered with a Quad Lock Phone Case, you’ve got the recipe for effortless commuting and the freedom and flexibility to go anywhere.

Follow your phone’s navigation system easily, or decide on your own route. It’s good to be different and step outside your comfort zone, and whichever route you decide to take, your Brompton and your Quad Lock Phone Mount are strong, lightweight, secure, and ready for the ride. Step on and off trains, the underground, the metro, cars and taxis, and within 20 seconds, hop back on your back and choose your next destination. Ride your own route, stay connected, and be creative with a Brompton Bike and Brompton Quad Lock Phone Mount.

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Phone dimensions
167mm x 76mm x 9mm on Mid or High handlebars, Low handlebars could accommodate larger mobile phones.
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