Royalbaby BMX Freestyle Pedal Brake Kids Bike for Boys and Girls 12 14 16 18 inch

Regular price HK$1,100.00

  1.  Easy to put together! 95% of the bike is assembled, leaving only 4 steps to install the training wheels, pedals, handlebar and saddle. Save your headache to install the front wheel and brake compared with 85% bikes. Assembly tools and an easy-to-follow instructions are included. 
  2. Safer riding!   ① The never-bent training wheels are super sturdy and stable for its Royalbaby-patented one-piece triangle structure;   ② Front caliper brake and rear coaster brake offer double insurance to keep your kid safe;  ③Tires have a big effect on comfort. Royalbaby Wide 2.4” pneumatic tires add more stability; ④  Full chain-guard prevents the chain from entrapping or soiling rider’s trouser leg or clothing;  ⑤ Steering limiter prevents the handle bars from overturning, so your little ones won’t fall due to a sharp turning.
  3. Easier to Ride! Your little ones will enjoy a smoother ride with Royalbaby patented sealed bearing since 2019; Royalbaby exclusive brake lever allows little riders brake efficiently, as the grip dimensions are shortened by 10% to fit a kid’s strength.
  4. Thoughtfully designed for various kids. Coming in 7 bright colors, there’s a Royalbaby bike for every kid. The water bottle and bell add extra fun to the ride. The seat comes with a handle, which makes the bike easier to grab during teaching or loading.
  5. Various Size Options for every kid. 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 inch available, handlebars and seat height are all adjustable. Use our easy-to-follow size chart, you’ll find a perfect size for your little beloved.